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Build or remodel with the best in Utah. We specialize in taking your dreams and turning them into a reality. Whether your dream is to build a custom home from scratch or remodel your kitchen, we partner with you to make it happen on schedule and with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in Utah.




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How long will my project take?

We pride ourselves on our deliverables.  Our completion timeframe is 100% based on our partnering together to generate all specific project details for a smooth building process. 

This starts with the Design and Estimation phase.  The D&E phase is where you get to design your floorplan (drafting), make choices on all base products that you wish to use in your home (specifications) and pick all appliances – lighting, plumbing fixtures, etc (Selections). This is FUN.  And a very exciting part of home building. 

We will not start a project until all details are completed on your blueprints, all specifications are accounted for and all your selections have been chosen 100%.  (This can take from 14 to 90 days based on how quickly you are able to make decisions about your home). 

Once the D&E phase is complete, you will be presented with your transparent budget.  This is the decision phase.  Once you approve your budget and sign off on the new home construction contract we enter into the construction phase.  (This typically take 24-48 hrs after D&E). 

The construction phase will always potentially have its limitations for any number of reasons (weather, subcontractor backlog, back ordered selections, change orders) but what we have always found still rings true today, – the more organized and specific you are upfront with us, the more efficient your project will go.  (Good rule of thumb for construction start to finish is homes 3000 sqft or under typically a 6-8 month build cycle.  For homes 3000sqft and higher, plan on 1 month per every 500 sqft of build)

How do I ensure total costs of my project?

Our Aluxa homes management system (AMS) is designed to specifically gather all hard cost data upfront before the start of the project (during Design and Estimation phase).  This significantly eliminates cost variances.  Most cost variances are then due to change orders that you decide to make during the construction of your home (and these are made at true costs). Also we will ask if you are comfortable putting in a variance amount, either for unforeseen construction situation, or your change orders or selection upgrades.  Our transparent business model and monthly client budget review meetings also keeps you fully in the know of where your project costs are throughout the build.  With the AMS, you should never end up at the end of the build surprised by your costs. 

What happens when I want to make changes?

We pride ourselves with the construction industries only “zero management fee” change order process.  Anytime you wish to make a change to your project, just create an “RFP-request for proposal” in your customer portal.  We will then submit to all subcontractors and vendors supplying either labor or materials to make the change order possible.  Once the proposals are completed, you will either virtually sign off on them and approve them or decline the change request.  All of this will take place on your customer portal and mobile app.  Any approved changed orders will then be automatically added to your bottom line budget. 

How do I guarantee my project selections will look good?

Part of the unique selling proposition for our Aluxa customers is partnering them with another one of our family members – our interior designer.  Right from the start of the design and estimation phase (D&E) you will work hand in hand with one of our professional interior designers.  They will guide you through flooring selections to paint colors.  Also furniture placement will be a large part of the discussion of your floorplan design as we want to make sure all custom spaces we design for you are fully functional for your family. 

How often can I expect to see my job site?

Part of our AMS (Aluxa Management System) that we pride ourselves on is great communication with our customers.  This is done in 3 major ways. 

#1.  Pre-established weekly or bi-weekly site meetings with your Builder.   It’s a chance for you once a week to walk your project and ask any questions you’d like without having to wait for answers from email. 

#2.  Weekly update.  In addition to the homeowner walk thru, your builder will send you a detailed weekly email.  Letting you know specifically what took place on your project that week, what any delays were and why, what is projected for the next week and then also a 30 day window projection for future.  If the builder is missing selections or change order approvals, he will also request those from you in this update. 

#3.  Customer portal.  Mobile app.  Your custom builder will also be updating project notes and progress pictures each week via the mobile customer communications app.  You can see “new completed” items throughout the week via the app. 

Who do I communicate with during my project?

Aluxa homes will have you communicate directly with your custom builder.  The Aluxa builder for your home will be on-site several times every week and in most cases daily.  They will be taking pictures and uploading project notes each week into our Aluxa mobile app so that you can see results immediately. 

How do I communicate my needs and wants with Aluxa during my project?

You will communicate all messages (text, email, or photo) through our customer communications portal and mobile app.  We will connect you and train you on the mobile app and portal after you have signed a contract with us for Design and Estimation (D&E). Having all communications go through the customer portal will ensure that everything on your project is organized.