Experience an innovative difference as you partner with Aluxa to bring your luxury custom home to life. Industry leading design, management and construction systems provide a much higher level of customer satisfaction than a traditional builder. We work with you to transform your dreams into an elegant reality that your family can build your story in. When you build with Aluxa you become part of our family and as a family we are driven by our values. We invite you to begin your story with Aluxa.



A key component to any relationship is complete and open honesty. We will never hide anything from you. In fact, on day one we will tell you what our profit margin will be. We don’t believe in pricing your dreams at full market sales price and then concealing all of the details. We open up our books to share with you every hard cost that goes into your home. Everything you put into your dream home will be at wholesale pricing – no markup from us. This is complete transparency.


As we partner together, it is important to trust each other. We chose clients that we can trust and it is important to us that they trust us as well. We accomplish this by having a detailed process of design and estimation that takes place prior to you ever sighing a build contract. Each phase of construction is vetted out for hard cost estimates and built into a project budget for your approval. You can review the hard costs to understand their value before you start. Our final level of trust is a monthly meeting at your new home site so you can review and approve all invoices to be billed for that month. Throughout the whole process of your home’s construction you are in full control. When you trust us you will feel secure and when you feel secure you will feel rested. The home building process should not be stressful. It is one of the most exciting opportunities of your life.



We partner with each of our clients to provide exceptional value in your home build. With our innovative fixed management fee plus true wholesale pricing you will receive your dream home at an exceptional price. You will know every cost that goes into your home and we will never upcharge you for materials. Most of our customers have walk-in equity when their home is complete.


After reviewing hundreds of home builders and reading hundreds of customer testimonials, we discovered that the number one homeowner complaint was focused around the concept of ‘unfairness’ in the home building process. We wanted to change that. Most homeowners get locked into the build but then desire to make a change. The average traditional builder mark-up on change orders is 325%. A new can light for the Kitchen, a $ 60.00 true cost, now costs you $195.00. With Aluxa there are no builder change order fees – change what you want when you want. You will just pay for the true cost of the materials and labor to perform the needed change. That’s fairness – welcome to the family.



In luxury home building, craftsmanship is the literal outcome of a specific, detailed, and thoughtful process. From choosing the right distance to set the theater chairs from the new home theater screen to working with the highly skilled trim carpenter whose mitred joints on your custom ceiling design fit to perfection. Craftsmanship also speaks to fulfilling the desires within each clients heart. At Aluxa Homes we will never limit you in your layout, design or selection choices. You can start with one of our 100+ floor plans and customize it any way you can dream or you can start completely from scratch. We love to see a client come in with a napkin sketch of their dream home layout. Bring those concepts to us and we will mold them into a functional design for your family. We can build as big as you can dream.


Homebuilding is probably the largest purchase you will ever make so you need to have confidence in your building partner. You need to have confidence that the layout and selection choices will come together to fit your family perfectly. We include a professional interior designer to work with you to guide you through the entire selection process. Land your inner design style perfectly with confidence. You also need to have confidence that your building partner can build that house properly and on schedule. We partner with the best contractors in your area to assure a quality product that will last a lifetime. At the end of every Aluxa build our clients can rest assured that their homes will look amazing because professional Aluxa design and build partners will be guiding them through each step.